Software Engineering and Integration Solutions

New Life Programming specializes in Software Engineering and Integration Solutions.
We assist startups to medium sized companies with new application development, upgrades
of software frameworks, maintenance of existing applications, and we provide
end-to-end integration solutions.

We use The Scrum Methodology in conjunction with industry leading technologies
to build applications and solutions that existing teams can maintain without
the need for recurring contracts.

See the technologies we specialize in.


About Us

Founded in 2012 by an Enterprise Software Engineer seeking to do more than simply write code all day, New Life Programming has grown to include professionals in Hybrid Cloud systems (IT), Automated Testing (QA), complete end-to-end integration through Web Services, Responsive Web, Mobile Web, and a handful of, very talented, Android and iOS application developers.

Why choose us?

At New Life Programming we can see the big picture as well as the details needed to get the job done right. Our wide range of skill-sets allow us to identify and mitigate risks at the very early stages of development. This means we have a great track record of reaching the goal line and pushing through!


New Life Programming offers a variety of services from straight forward application development for the web or the app store to deep integration between dissimilar systems. We have built iOS and Android apps that run on several million smart phones and process several hundred thousand Web API requests per month. Most of our services run on the Amazon Cloud and we know how to keep the recurring costs down!

Software Engineering

We use the latest software tools and frameworks including: .NET (C# and VB.NET), NodeJS, Ruby w/ Rails, PHP, and Java. We can help with all kinds of projects. Whether you need an app for your Apple Watch‎ or you need to integrate an existing application with a noisy social networking public API; we have you covered.


Integration is one of our specialties. We have experience in integrating all kinds of systems from Telnet screen-scraping using serial communication to PayPal's Merchant APIs. We even wrote an app that allows one of our clients to track their customer's location using Geofencing with Google Maps.

Maintenance and Scaling

We love it when companies use our software. With that in mind we try very hard to create applications that are easy to maintain and can scale with little to no effort. We believe that if we write software that your existing staff can maintain then you will use the software longer.


At New Life Programming we love ... Technology! So, natually, we keep up to date on the latest software frameworks, development tools, and Cloud Services.

ASP.NET MVC Amazon Web Services Azure Linux Mac MongoDB Mono NodeJS Redis SQL Server Ubuntu Visual Studio VMWare Windows


Remote is Best!

New Life Programming specializes in Remote Work. This allows us to work with exceptional talent from around the globe. Our consultants span across 3 continents, half dozens of timezones and speak 3 different languages.

Solutions for any problem

We have the talent needed to get the job done. No matter what the technical challenge is we can handle it. Our team has a very broad skill-set developed over decades of building applications to solve problems, improve performance, and reduce costs.


San Francisco, Los Angeles, Moscow

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